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Verein zur Förderung des Roboterfußballs
und von Multi Agent Systems

"Club for Promotion of Robot Soccer and Multi Agent Systems"

ROBOT SOCCER was originated in the year 1995 in South Korea. Meanwhile there exist two different worlds the RoboCup and the FIRA. In 1998 the first Austrian FIRA robot soccer team was founded at the Institute of Handling Devices and Robotics (IHRT) at the Vienna University of Technology (VUT).

Gregor NOVAK joined this team in summer 1998 and left at the end of 2001. He developed together with students a new soccer software and constructed a new soccer robot.

Tue to the reason that robot soccer is so fascinating in Summer 2002 the first Austrian Robot Soccer Club was founded by Gregor NOVAK. Its goal is to put robot soccer on a wide bases and to give interested people the change to participate.

Meanwhile the team is designing a new soccer-playing robot. Details are found at

Our Mission

Give interested people the chance to deal with the fascinating topic of multi agent systems.